1 in 5 Restaurant Calorie Listings is Off

Of course I come across this article as I am in the process of losing some weight by counting my calories. Apparently some restaurants aren’t entirely correct when listing their meals calories. Tufts University nutrition researchers have shown that nearly one out of five restaurant dishes has at least 100 more calories than what a restaurant states on its website. The underestimated foods came from several restaurant chains, including Chipotle Mexican Grill, Olive Garden, Boston Market and Outback Steakhouse. Of course Chipotle is one of them because I had that today for lunch!!

The lab analysis showed that 19% of the foods tested had 100 or more calories in excess of what was on the website. (Which obviously is awesome because now I get to be paranoid ordering food wondering if I’m just that unlucky to choose one of those items from that 19%) 100 calories may not seem like a lot to people who aren’t counting calories, but it’s the difference of having a snack or not for me.

Continuing on with why the world hates me, according to the Tufts lab analysis, Chipotle’s burrito bowl with rice, black beans, peppers, onions, lettuce, green tomatillo salsa and cheese (which if you notice my picture above is almost EXACTLY what I got today) had 703 total calories which is 249 more than what was expected based on information from the restaurant’s website.

This article just concludes my theory of why I have so much anxiety. It’s because I know how unlucky I am. When you hear about those stories like a plane crashed in the ocean and everyone survived except one unfortunate soul, yeah that person was just like me. I’m that small percentage of things going wrong. I could’ve found an article about McDonalds giving wrong calories or a chain on the West Coast that I’ve  never been to, but no. It’ about the one restaurant that I chose to go to today. Not only that, but it decided to reference the one thing I ordered from the menu as being almost 250 more calories then I thought it was. Now you tell me that it’s all coincidence.

I am paranoid because I just expect the worst possible scenario, always.


CNN Article about this: http://www.cnn.com/2011/HEALTH/07/19/restaurant.calories.off/index.html


Horses: The New Meat? Another Food I’m Afraid of Liking

While having my morning work ritual of reading online news stories, one caught my interest. It was an article announcing that in the next month it may be possible that slaughterhouses will begin to produce horse meat or “Basashi” as it’s known in Japan. This made me nervous for two reasons: #1 Because of the role horses have played as companions and as workers, it is a taboo food source in some cultures. This makes me wonder if someday in the future, dogs will be considered food in the US as well. Why not? That last statement pertains to your family pet or a seeing eye dog too. And #2 What if I end up loving horse meat??

I am an animal lover. I am however not a vegetarian. I get by eating meat by creating an elaborate story in my head of how this cow or pig or bird was an asshole. That they were the Hitler’s of their animal world and I am doing the rest of the animals a favor by devouring them. I’m telling you, it works. Next time you feel bad about eating that cheeseburger, just picture that cow picking on other defenseless cows. Cow tipping teenages? Hell no, it was this jerk in my hand that’s smothered in cheese.

Certain animals I just can’t picture being evil and this is where it gets hard to eat them. For example, I am so thankful that I do not like lamb. Tried it once and will never have it again, not a fan. Thank god though, because how can I picture this being evil??

My downfall though is veal. Damn you veal for being so delicious! I rarely eat it though, but when I have no choice, I just do it. I used to eat veal all the time when I was younger. My parents never told me what it was. When I would ask what kind of meat it was, they would tell me cow. My smart parents, they didn’t technically lie. When I got older I was told what veal really was. I remember wanting to cry and throw it all back up and shape it back into the poor creatures that I had so selfishly feasted on. For those of you that are unaware of what veal is, it is the meat of young cows (calves) that are kept in hutches, which keeps them isolated and restricts movement to prevent connective tissue from developing, as the taste of veal raised in this manner is considered desirable. So basically baby cows get taken from their mothers, stuffed in crates so they can’t develop correctly, and then are killed. DAMN YOU TASTE BUDS!

So on top of these meats (as well as being worried that I am eating cat when I order from Chinese restaurants) now I have to worry about eating horses. I love horses, they are gentle and graceful. Black Beauty, Seabiscuit, no! What’s even worse is I looked up what horse meat tastes like. It’s apparently slightly sweet, tender, low in fat and high in protein. Great, I’ll probably love it.

If you want to read more about the issue, the link is below.

Associated Press Article : http://news.yahoo.com/horses-could-soon-slaughtered-meat-us-080907323.html