New Things to Be Afraid Of: Compliments of My Mother

No wonder I am anxiously nervous about everything, it probably stems from my Mother being the same way. I went home to visit her this weekend and she must have given me at least three new things to worry about.

The first is that she hates going to Chinese Buffets because she is afraid that little kids try food and spit it out back into the tray, touch the food with their hands, and/or sneezes in it. You better believe that next time I go to a Chinese Buffet (which I normally love by the way) I will be thinking about what my mother told me. If any little kids are near me getting food by themselves I will probably have a mini panic attack. I’ll just stick to eating the vegetable dishes…little kids kryptonite.

The second was that if I get a puppy, I will no longer have a life. I reminded her that she has “getting a puppy” mixed up with “having a baby”. She then continued to tell me that the vet bills are ridiculous, you will never get to travel and that you always have to make sure someone is there to let the dog out. I told her that I had answers to all of her puppy having issues and said that I was never going to be able to give her grandchildren if I didn’t know how to take care of something else first. She quickly stopped her puppy debate. Score one for me, but now I have all these cons of having a puppy in my head when I was only focused on this super cute pro:

Lastly, she told me that our dog has not liked being in the basement lately. To the average person this would not seem like a big deal but to me I see it as something evil is living downstairs and my dog feels it’s presence. On top of this, I often have to sleep in my basement when there is a full house and not I will most likely freak myself out with thoughts of the Paranormal Activity movies. Going to be a fun holiday weekend!










I will be returning home in a few days to celebrate the Thanksgiving weekend with her. I’m sure I will have new phobias to write about on here after my visit.

I’m going to start drawing cartoons or taking pictures of my own cat to give me a sort of cartoon/comic book alias in my blog posts. What better character to be then a “scaredy cat”? For now I will steal from Google:

I’ll update this post with drawing’s or pictures when I figure out how I want to go about it. 🙂

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